Big Ideas

David Ogilvy coined the term. His philosophy has defined the objectives of ad agency creative departments for more than 50 years. Big ideas are just as important in media strategy. They’re not easy, but they should be fun. It's mobile video!


We work closely with our ad agency and brand partners to design and deliver innovative mobile video advertising campaigns. The components of each advertising campaign are collaboratively assembled to best reflect, and predictively achieve, desired goals. They are also assembled to inspire audiences of brand consumers.


Through our OS2 technology platform, we uniquely offer the following mobile video advertising campaign solutions:

  • enhance reach
  • target audiences
  • daypart messages
  • optimize frequency
  • build awareness
  • shape favorability
  • influence intent
  • create ad units
  • interact with brand consumers
  • sequentially tell a story

  • produce content
  • syndicate content natively
  • encourage (not interrupt) engagement
  • borrow interest
  • leverage special events
  • earn media
  • social media
  • brand lift
  • market research
  • share of voice
  • call to action
  • drive sales
  • ROI

    We deliver great mobile video performance, guaranteed.

    When performance is measured, performance improves. This seems like a simple thing. In fact, when it comes to improving brand advertising campaign results, it feels like it’s too simple. The challenge is that the nascent mobile video market is like the Wild West. Delivery and performance are too often measured in metrics of snake oil.

    Our OS2 technology platform is architected specifically for mobile video. It navigates the complex challenges inherent in the medium, measures every facet of an advertising campaign, and delivers exceptional results with brilliant clarity.


    We primarily distribute in-stream video advertising.

    Our core ad format is linear video, where the ad is presented before, in the middle of, or after video content is consumed by a user. This is the same way a TV commercial plays before, during, or after a chosen program

    Our most common linear video ad format is pre-roll. Pre-roll appears prior to a video content stream or between mobile activities such as game level changes.

    All of our in-stream video advertising is interactive.

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