Audiences of passionate, engaged video viewers are incredibly valuable. Publishers who have these audiences realize this. We do too.

We seek to partner with premium publishers, particularly those who are leaders and influencers in their respective content and demographic categories. Our goal is mobile video scale – mass reach – through quality audiences of brand consumers.

In return, we offer exceptional CPM based monetization. We also offer access to original, professionally produced video content to fuel audience and monetization growth.


We make it easy for publishers to monetize their app and mobile browser video inventory. Our OS2 technology platform was built to make monetizing mobile video simple, efficient, and scalable. No publisher engineering required.

Importantly, our OS2 technology platform was also built to meet IAB guidelines and best practices.


We make it easy for publishers to bring original, professionally produced video content to their audiences. Our OS2 technology platform is architected to create an ecosystem where compelling programming, quality audiences, and significant ad spend thrive together.

It's broadcast television for a mobile-first world.